Peter Harmsen, a former history student at National Taiwan University, has been a foreign correspondent in East Asia for two decades. He has focused mainly on the Chinese-speaking countries, but has reported from nearly every corner of the region, including Mongolia and North Korea. His reports have appeared in the Financial Times and the Far Eastern Economic Review, and he has also worked for Bloomberg and the Economist Intelligence Unit. He spent 11 years in China for the French news agency AFP, and he is currently the agency’s bureau chief in Taiwan.

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  • Oscar Chang says:

    Hi Mr Harmsen, I’ve been trying to find you for ages! It’s really off topic but I’m now 16 years old and have been a great friend of your daughter Lisa back in Beijing, my we were great family friends we lived in Shunyi and Lisa used to always play with us, we moved to New York and lost contact. By the way I just finished the AP World History course and read on alot about China in World War 2. Thanks for taking the time to read this comment, it would be great if you could ask Lisa if there was any way i can get in touch with her!

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